The Church @ Swan Mead

An Assemblies of God Pentecostal Church in Vange, Basildon, Essex

Our Vision Statement is:

“Building bigger people, building bigger lives”

We grow bigger people by….

Preaching the word of God in a way that can be readily applied to our lives everyday.

Encouraging people to reach their full potential in God.

Ensuring our speech and actions reflect God’s grace and generosity.

Providing an environment that is safe from all forms of harm, control, or manipulation.

We grow bigger lives by….

Developing a personal relationship with Jesus.

Giving people opportunities to use their gifts and talents.

Rewarding success wherever it is found.

Living a life that honours Jesus in all we do.

We aim to become….

A house of God that impacts the whole of Basildon and the local community.

A place of refuge, comfort, restoration, and inspiration.

A resource for the Church in Basildon and a church that reaches out across the nations.